Terms of Service

Please read through these Terms of Service [ToS] in their entirety. It is assumed that you have read the ToS before beginning work.


Slots are reviewed on a first-come-first-serve basis. However, in order to be accepted, you must have a clear idea for your subject-matter and character references available.

Acceptable character references can include a formal reference sheet, existing art, and/or text description. The success of the work will rely on providing adequate reference materials. If I have any questions, I will ask them.

With that, current contact information (such as an email address or Telegram) must be provided upon being accepted.


50% the cost of the selected commission is due upfront. Work will not begin until the down-payment is made. The remaining 50% will be due at the completion of the work. The full-size, un-watermarked version of the art will not be distributed until the final payment is made.

If you do not make your initial down-payment within 2 weeks of being accepted, you void your commission slot and must re-apply.

All payments must be made through PayPal.


You will receive regular Work In Progress [WIP] updates throughout the commission process at the following stages:

  1. Initial “dirty” Sketch
  2. Clean Sketch
  3. Inks
  4. Shading (if applicable)
  5. Character Color
  6. Background Color
  7. Final, Completed Art

At each of these stages, there will be an opportunity for revisions.

Major Revisions

Major revisions(e.g. specified characters, pose, position in scene) may be proposed during the sketch stages. After these stages, no major revisions may be proposed.

Minor Revisions

Minor revisions (e.g. facial expression, accessories, fur-patterns mistakes) may be proposed during the inking and shading stage. After this stage, no minor revisions may be proposed.

Color Revisions

Changes to character, clothing, and/or background colors can be proposed during the color stages. After this stage, no color revisions may be proposed.

All WIP updates are incomplete works and are not to be distributed publicly.

Completed Work & Rights

All completed works will be shared with the commissioner in their full resolution in PNG format. All completed works will have an artist watermark. I will include the work in my own galleries (unless otherwise discussed).

You may re-upload the work to any gallery or social media site WITH the appropriate artist attribution (i.e. a name and link back to my gallery/profile/post).

You may NOT remove the artist watermark.

You may NOT edit the finished artwork you receive. If you would like to make an edit, please contact me. I will either give permission or do the edit myself for an appropriate fee.

You may NOT mass-produce or profit from the artwork.

I retain copyright to all the artwork I create unless rights to the art are otherwise discussed and paid for by the commissioner. I retain rights to post the artwork to promote my work or create products featuring my artwork to sell.

You retain copyright to all your own original characters and will be credited as such in all posts and distributions.

Cancelations & Refunds

You may chose to cancel your commission at any time. If no work has begun, a full refund will be issued. If work has commenced, then a partial refund may be issued depending on:

The current level of finish of the artwork.
The more work that has been on the work, the less money will be refunded (see the Update stages above).

Whether or not you would like to keep the work in its incomplete state.
Once canceled, if the work is less than 50% completed, you may opt to keep the work as is and not be refunded any of your downpayment. If instead you opt for a refund, you revoke any creative rights to any work completed thus far, and I, the artist, may continue to modify it (excluding any original characters, which will be removed) at my leisure.

Once a commission is canceled, work may not be resumed. You must re-apply for a new work during the next round of open commission slots.

Contact Information


I, Fancy Foxx, reserve the right to reject any commission offer for any reason. Breaking with these ToS will result in the cancelation of your commission.

Last revised — 15 of July, 2019